Download Whats Web  apk

Whatsapp explains:

After downloading the Whats web app, you can monitor messages and connect your customers or young children through the WhatSapp Web feature. You can control your account from a computer or another phone.

An application designed to facilitate this process through the Whats web application.

Features of the application What's web:

- Easy to use and very simple balance

- Free application 100%

- A simple idea that makes it easy to use WhatsApp Web

You can download an application on your phone with the latest version and the latest version of for free and an uncompressed original in a downloadable format
ملاحظة : إذا كان هناك أي خطاء في صفحة التحميل أو في وصف التطبيق أو أي ملاحظة حول الموقع يرجى الإتصال بنا من خلال إتصل بنا في أسفل الموقع.