After downloading the Timer Lock Video Hide application, you can hide the files inside this application because it looks like a normal clock, but it's only a disguise hiding your secrets! .

Photo Custom Hide Timer Lock Application For more privacy than ever by camouflaging to the clock app, but after you've specified a moment-given button and the time-center app opens a new place to Mhahdt files or hide your files contained in the application and gives the Bchwil files are difficult to single-link After overwriting the geometric lock.

Features of the application:

Easy to use and very simple balance

Free application 100%

A simple idea that allows you to get the privacy of your photos and files safely

You can download the Timer Lock Photo Video Hide application on your phone with the latest version and the latest version of for free and uncompressed version in Timer Lock Video Hide APK
ملاحظة : إذا كان هناك أي خطاء في صفحة التحميل أو في وصف التطبيق أو أي ملاحظة حول الموقع يرجى الإتصال بنا من خلال إتصل بنا في أسفل الموقع.